Ukraine creates unique strike submarine

May 28,2024 331
Ukraine creates unique strike submarine

Ukraine will complete testing of the unique Kronos stealth submarine in September of this year, according to an article in Ekonomichna Pravda. The invention will destroy remnants of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

“Kronos is based on stealth technology, making the submarine invisible in radar and infrared spectrums due to its low signal power,” the journalists write.

This futuristic submarine is made from composite materials and equipped with the Italian Black Scorpion system, which has torpedoes capable of hitting targets up to 3 km away. “On board, there are UAVs for aerial reconnaissance and an autonomous underwater drone. A powerful electric motor allows the submarine to travel at a speed of 80 km/h on the surface and up to 50 km/h underwater. The maximum diving depth is 250 m,” the text states.

Kronos can carry explosives, transport ten people and is operated by a single operator. The submarine can operate in unmanned mode with remote control. Ukrainian engineers developed the invention in the United Arab Emirates.

“The submarine has an innovative hull design that significantly reduces fuel consumption, increases maximum speed, and provides excellent stability,” say the developers of Kronos.

Recently, a Ukrainian-made drone set a new record by attacking a horizon radar station in Russia from a distance of over 1800 kilometers, which is currently an absolute record. 

In February, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine tested anti-thermal cloaks – an invention designed to camouflage Ukrainian defenders and military equipment from Russian thermal imagers and night vision devices.

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