Ukraine hits one of Russia’s most modern ships

November 6,2023 1209
Ukraine hits one of Russia’s most modern ships

Ukraine’s Air Force tactical aircraft pilots successfully struck a cutting-edge vessel from the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian military’s target was the Askold, a cruiser equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles. This operation took place during an attack on the Zalyv shipbuilding plant in occupied Crimea on November 4, as officially confirmed by Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, the Commander of Ukraine’s Air Force.

The ship has not even had time to participate in combat operations, Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, said. “It underwent some final test work there to go out to sea and “fight” against our state,” Ihnat said.

Photo: Skhemy (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

The damage to the Russian missile carrier will not allow it to be on combat duty, Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the Joint press center of the Defense Forces of Ukraine’s south, said.

“As for the attack on the Kerch Shipyard, the aftermath has not yet been fully investigated. But the strike was powerful, successful, absolutely legal, as these forces ensure the enemy’s combat capability,” Humeniuk explained.

Askold is a small missile ship of the 22800 Karakurt type, which can carry up to 8 Kalir missiles. Russia attacks Ukrainian cities with these rockets. The destruction of such a vessel is significant for the security of Ukraine, said Andrii Ryzhenko, the captain of the 1st rank of the Reserve Navy.


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