Ukraine launches largest attack on Russia since invasion’s onset

August 30,2023 986
Ukraine launches largest attack on Russia since invasion’s onset

On the night of August 30, dozens of drones attacked Russia and occupied Crimea. Local authorities reported that explosions were heard in six Russian oblasts – Pskov, Bryansk, Oryol, Ryazan, Moscow and Kaluga.

An airfield came under attack in Pskov Oblast, located approximately 700 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. There are no victims or injured, the governor said. A fire broke out at the airport. According to various reports, drones damaged at least six Il-76 military transport aircraft. In addition, there was a hit on the military unit. Later, Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence confirmed that four cargo planes were successfully destroyed, and several others were damaged.

Flying objects were spotted in the airspace over the Tula, Moscow, and Kaluga Oblasts. Russian air defenses allegedly shot down some of the drones. However, Ukrainian media reports that the drone’s fragments fell on a tank for storing oil products in the Kaluga Oblast.

There were also explosions in Bryansk Oblast. Local governor Alexander Bogomaz claims that air defense forces shot down three drones. However, according to various reports, one of the downed drones fell on the Kremniy EL plant, which is on the list of the largest Russian microelectronics enterprises.

The governor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, also reported the downing of one of the UAVs on the approach to the Russian capital. There were no casualties.

Explosions also rang out in Crimea. The occupation authorities of the temporarily occupied peninsula reported explosions near Sevastopol Bay. According to early reports, the air defense of the Russians repelled drone attacks from the sea.

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