Ukraine offers Türkiye to continue “grain deal” without Russia

September 8,2023 756
Ukraine offers Türkiye to continue “grain deal” without Russia

Kyiv has submitted proposals to Ankara regarding the resumption of the “grain corridor” without Moscow, Ukrainian Ambassador to Türkiye Vasyl Bodnar said.

“So far, there is no final confirmation [from Türkiye]. But the ships … are already sailing through the territorial waters of Romania, Bulgaria, and Türkiye and passing through the straits without restrictions,” Bodnar said.

Continuation of the “grain deal” without Russia is a rational way because even during the validity of the agreements, Russia repeatedly restricted the passage of ships to Ukraine, tried to regulate access to Ukrainian ports, and also limited the list of products that could be exported, Bodnar says.

Currently, there are no restrictions on the export of Ukrainian products for ships passing through the new humanitarian corridor of Ukraine, the diplomat added.

“Of course, communication is ongoing between Türkiye and the UN based on the results of negotiations with us [Ukraine] and Russia to develop agreed positions. We also expect high-level communication between Ukraine and Türkiye. Perhaps it will be in the next few days, or within the framework of the UN General Assembly,” the Ambassador of Ukraine to Türkiye said.

Ukraine takes a constructive position, Bodnar stressed. “We… will develop mechanisms that will be beneficial to our side, but will not harm the principled position regarding the lifting of sanctions from Russia – this is an absolutely wrong path,” the diplomat concluded.

On July 17, Russia withdrew from the “grain deal” within the Black Sea Grain Initiative framework.