Ukraine ranks second in World Giving Index

November 15,2023 1406
Ukraine ranks second in World Giving Index

In the latest update from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Ukraine has secured the second position in the World Giving Index. The CAF, responsible for compiling the list, reported a significant rise for Ukraine, as last year the country held the 10th position.

Indonesia is at the forefront, claiming the first position in global charity contributions for 2023. Kenya follows closely, securing the third position. The top five leaders also include Liberia and the United States. Noteworthy mentions go to Canada at the 8th spot, while the United Kingdom holds the 17th position. In a surprising turn, Poland finds itself at the bottom of the list, ranking 142nd. Hungary stands at 59th place, Slovakia at 118th, and Romania at 121st.

Since the onset of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 9,000 charitable foundations have been officially registered, according to Ukrinform. Globally, 72% of the world’s population, or 4.2 billion people, contribute to charitable causes.

The World Giving Index is conducted annually based on data from the worldwide survey by Gallup World View. The list uses three criteria: donations to charitable organizations, volunteering, and citizens’ assistance to strangers in need.

More than 150,000 respondents from 153 countries participated in the study. The list reflects how citizens engage in social activities to benefit their countries and contribute to the growth of charity worldwide.

We urge you to join the charitable initiative Unite with Ukraine by the Ukrainian World Congress. The project aims to raise funds to purchase essential supplies for the brave defenders of Ukraine.

Cover: Beata Winiarska