“Ukraine remains standing for one reason”, Potichnyj on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day

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December 6,2023 469
“Ukraine remains standing for one reason”, Potichnyj on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day

On the occasion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Day, Andrew Potichnyj, Director of UWC’s Unite with Ukraine initiative, shares why there would be no Ukraine without the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On Ukrainian Armed Forces Day, we must recognize that the fight for independence continues.

For 651 consecutive days, hundreds of courageous Ukrainian servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice daily while simply defending their right to exist. For the past 3,577 days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have bravely fought against the genocidal occupying forces of the Russian Federation, who started their war against the Ukrainian nation more than four centuries ago. 

Today, on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day, Ukrainians continue their heroic fight for independence despite the blockade of Ukraine’s borders by some of our European partners, delays in the delivery of critically lacking artillery shells and precision weapons promised by our NATO allies, incomprehensible political drama in Kyiv, Washington, and Berlin, the inadequate mobilization of the Ukrainian military-aged male population to replenish their ranks, and a noticeable decline in volunteer activity and donations both at home and around the world. Despite all these challenges, the UAF remains resilient and determined to defend their country’s sovereignty and to secure their children’s futures. 

Today, against all odds, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their defense, and Ukraine remains standing for only one reason: the unparalleled sacrifices made by the members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Their heroism, courage, and selflessness have kept this nation on the global map as an independent state.  

There is only one front. Thank and support those who fight on it with all available resources – without the Ukrainian Armed Forces, there would be no Ukraine.