Ukraine risks losing war without US help, Ukraine’s President’s Office states

December 6,2023 974
Ukraine risks losing war without US help, Ukraine’s President’s Office states

Ukraine risks losing the war with Russia without the help of the United States of America, Head of the Ukrainian President’s Office Andrii Yermak said in Washington. Kyiv called on the US Congress to pass an aid package to Ukraine as soon as possible.

It gives the big risk that we can be in the same position to which we’re located now. And of course, it makes this very high possibility impossible to continually liberate and give the big risk to lose this war,” Yermak said. 

Next year, the Ukrainian government expects a state budget deficit of US$43 billion. The refusal of the US to provide direct budget support to Ukraine will lead to significant risks for Ukraine, the Head of the Ukrainian President’s Office emphasized.

Of course, without this direct budget support, it will be difficult to keep … in (the) same positions and… for the people to really survive…during the situation when the war will continue,” he said.

Ukraine plans to continue the war and overcome Russia, but it needs help, emphasized Yermak and called on Congress to vote on the aid package as soon as possible.

“We really have a plan and this plan…includes the military operations…includes diplomatic activity and of course it includes our cooperation in the communications and information,” he said.

It is about the aid package for Ukraine, which US President Joe Biden’s administration asked Congress to approve in October. This is US$106 billion to finance aid to Ukraine and Israel and guarantee the security of the US borders. However, the representatives of the Republican Party, who control the House with a narrow majority, rejected the package.

On December 4, the White House announced that the US was running out of previously allocated funds to assist Ukraine. The Biden administration emphasized that the lack of further aid could help Putin win the war. Also, on December 5, the US president called the prospect of a possible refusal of aid to Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression, “absolutely crazy.”

Cover: Sergei Supinsky / AFP / Getty

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