Ukraine to collaborate with the world’s largest intelligence company

December 7,2022 503
Ukraine to collaborate with the world’s largest intelligence company

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry and Recorded Future, the U.S.-based world’s largest intelligence company, have signed a memorandum of cooperation, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The goal of the cooperation is to “protect critical infrastructure in Ukraine against the military and cyber aggressions by the Russian Federation as well as yield novel products and technologies for protecting critical infrastructure worldwide,” according to the press release.

“We are enhancing the critical infrastructure protection in Ukraine,” Digital Transformation Minister Mykhaylo Fedorov commented on Telegram. “Together we will create technological solutions to protect Ukrainians from Russian attacks. After our victory, we will be able to export our experience to the whole world.”

The company has already helped Ukraine in the investigation of Russian war crimes, opened access, worth over $10 million, to its Intelligence Cloud platform and helped cope with cyber attacks, the minister said.

He thanked the company for the support and said the ministry is endeavoring to “make Ukraine number one in the world in terms of its military-tech development.”

Recorded Future notes that it has a long-standing collaboration and relationship with Ukraine in cybersecurity, assisting in protecting Ukraine’s infrastructure and data.

“The collaboration announced today will extend this partnership in order to rapidly create and operationalize intelligence-based solutions for the protection of Ukraine in both the cyber and physical/kinetic domains. Recorded Future will provide its intelligence Platform, its know-how, specialist engineers, and intelligence analysts – including those based in Ukraine itself. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine will provide expertise, data, and people,” the press release reads.

“Ukraine is fighting a war on behalf of the free world, that is of existential importance to the West. Russia is replicating their wanton strategy from wars in Syria and Chechnya of targeting civilian infrastructure, and Recorded Future is fully committed to assisting in Ukraine’s defense with our intelligence. We look forward to working on this imperative challenge with the brilliant team at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine who has a long history of creative internet solutions,” said Christopher Ahlberg, CEO/Co-founder of Recorded Future.