Ukraine to receive $325 million aid package from US

June 15,2023 564
Ukraine to receive $325 million aid package from US

The United States of America announced a new support package for Ukraine. The total cost of military aid, including ammunition and armored vehicles, is USD 325 million, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said.

“This security assistance package includes critical air defense capabilities, additional munitions for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, artillery rounds, anti-tank weapons, armored vehicles, and other equipment essential to strengthening Ukraine’s forces on the battlefield,” Blinken clarified.

New American support includes:

  • Additional munitions for National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS);
  • Stinger anti-aircraft systems;
  • Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS);
  • 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds;
  • 15 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles;
  • 10 Stryker Armored Personnel Carriers;
  • Javelin anti-armor systems;
  • Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles;
  • AT-4 anti-armor systems;
  • Over 22 million rounds of small arms ammunition and grenades;
  • Demolition munitions for obstacle clearing;
  • Tactical secure communications support equipment;
  • Spare parts and other field equipment.

Ukraine will receive another aid package within the framework of the Presidential Drawdown Authority mechanism. This program, under which the United States supplies arms to Ukraine, provides for removing equipment and ammunition from military warehouses.

The US Secretary of State emphasized that the United States and its allies will jointly support Ukraine until Russia withdraws its troops from Ukrainian territories.

“Russia started this unprovoked war against Ukraine. Russia could end it at any time by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine and stopping its brutal attacks against Ukraine’s cities and people,” Blinked said.

Blinken also added that this is already the 40th support package for Ukraine from American partners.

Cover: Fayez Nureldine | Afp | Getty Images