Ukraine warns Belarusians of Russia’s possible nuke provocation

November 25,2022 296
Ukraine warns Belarusians of Russia’s possible nuke provocation

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released a video appeal to Belarusians, warning them that Russia in an attempt to drag them into the war on Ukraine – is preparing provocations at the critical infrastructure facilities in Belarus, particularly its nuclear power plant.

Below if a transcription of the whole appeal:

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus!

The special services of the Russian Federation are preparing provocations on your territory. The targets of their terrorist attacks may be critical infrastructure facilities, in particular the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant.

Our countries remember the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. The consequences were terrible for people’s lives and health, the environment and the economy in the entire region. Today, Russia dares blackmail the whole world with the threat of using nuclear facilities and technologies, seizes power plants, and hinders the work of their personnel. For the purpose of psychological influence, it demonstratively shells the Zaporizhya NPP and disconnects its safety systems.

The leadership of Russia does not care a dam about the lives of Russian citizens, the more so the lives of Belarusians and Ukrainians. Their methods are not new: terror, intimidation and false flag operations. All this is used with a single goal: by any means to draw Belarus into the war against Ukraine, to divide our peoples with blood and hatred. But does Belarus itself need the Russian war of aggression? The answer is obvious: it does not.

Belarusians, your safety and your future are in your hands. Demand from your leadership strict adherence to Article 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, according to which Belarus excludes military aggression from its territory against other states. Your government has already partially violated the Constitution by allowing the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine using your territory, infrastructure and resources. Don’t let yourself be dragged into the war any further.

Monitor all suspicious activities, the appearance of unfamiliar suspicious people and transport near critical infrastructure facilities. Report such facts to your law enforcement agencies. If you do not see their reaction, inform the world community by all available means.

Ukraine, despite the shelling and offensive of the Russian occupation army from the territory of Belarus, does not consider your country, especially your people, as an enemy. We did not respond to any manifestation of armed aggression from your territory. Moreover, we do not plan and do not intend to carry out any aggressive actions on the territory of Belarus. This is the official position of Ukraine.

Today, a lot depends on each person. We hope for your vigilance, understanding of the situation, principled and strong response to any provocations.

We believe in our victory and the subsequent peace in which our peoples will once again be able to live in good neighborly relations.

Armed Forces of Ukraine

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