Ukraine will not extend transit of Russian gas

August 17,2023 658
Ukraine will not extend transit of Russian gas

Ukraine will not conduct negotiations on the extension of the contract for the transit of gas from Russia after the expiration of the agreements. This was reported by the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, German Galushchenko, in an interview with the Voice of America.

“Firstly, we will definitely not be a party to negotiations with the Russians, and this is absolutely obvious, and secondly, I think that the next year will be indicative from the point of view of the possibility of Europe functioning without Russian gas at all. I see all the prerequisites for this to happen,” Galushchenko said.

The contract, which provides for the transit of gas from Russia to Europe through the territory of Ukraine, ends in 2024. Continuation of the agreements will depend on Europe’s ability to do without the Russian resources, the minister notes. However, due to Russia’s unpredictable aggressive policy, it is still too early to predict what will happen next year, Galushchenko added.

“We are dealing with the Russians – they can terminate this contract any day. It is absolutely obvious that this is not related to legal formalities,” the minister said.

Despite the war, European companies continue to store gas in Ukraine’s gas storage facilities. This trend will only grow, so Ukraine can already this winter play a significant role in ensuring the stability of the gas market in Europe, the minister believes.

“I am sure that the next month will only increase the volume of gas injection, which means that Ukraine is a reliable partner even during the war. … Ukraine is capable of guaranteeing the security of supply for Europe, and this is important,” Galushchenko concluded.

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