#UkraineInNATO: Supporting Ukraine on the verge of the Vilnius Summit

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June 22,2023 1377
#UkraineInNATO: Supporting Ukraine on the verge of the Vilnius Summit

On the eve of the NATO Summit on 11-12 July 2023 in Vilnius, the Ukrainian World Congress calls upon all Ukrainian communities, organizations, Ukrainians, and friends of Ukraine abroad to join the global advocacy campaign #UkraineInNATO.  

Ukraine is already a de facto part of the Alliance, aligning its national standards with NATO standards in a full-scale war, completing the transition from a Soviet-style to a NATO-style military in real-time, and, most importantly, already playing the role of the Alliance’s eastern flank.

 We expect that during the Vilnius summit, the Allies will provide Ukraine with a clear perspective of the Alliance membership and define modalities and specific timeframes for rapid membership under the accelerated procedure immediately after the end of the war.

Given that Ukraine’s victory will not be possible without strong, consistent military, financial and political support from NATO member states, we call on all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to:

  • organize rallies in support of Ukraine in the capitals of NATO member states and conduct outreach (download materials
  • issue statements to the media with key messages (download
  • send letters to NATO countries’ governments (download a sample)
  • share visual campaign materials on social media (download

The absence of clear signals of support for Ukraine in Vilnius, including the lack of a decision on a clear membership perspective for Kyiv, will be a victory for Russia. We must prevent this from happening under any circumstances.  Join #UkraineInNATO! Support Ukraine on its Euro-Atlantic path!


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