#UkraineInNATO: Ukrainians in France rally in Paris

July 8,2024 195
#UkraineInNATO: Ukrainians in France rally in Paris

The Association of Ukrainians in France (AUF) held a rally in Paris on July 7 in support of Ukraine’s accession to NATO. The event was part of the Ukrainian World Congress’ ongoing advocacy campaign #UkraineInNATO, as reported by Volodymyr Kogutyak, Vice President of UWC for Western Europe and Vice President of AUF.

Approximately 150 people participated in the rally, including Ukrainians, French citizens, and local government representatives. The participants held signs urging NATO to invite Ukraine into the Alliance, sending a signal to Putin that his attempts to restore the Russian Empire would fail.

“The main idea is that today, it is not only in Ukraine’s interest for NATO to help us defend ourselves, but it is also in NATO’s interest to invite the strongest and most capable military in Europe, which is already standing guard over Europe,” Kogutyak said.

Kogutyak also reported that Russians tried to disrupt the protest and provoke the participants. However, the police thwarted these attempts.

The Ukrainian World Congress calls on Ukrainian communities, organizations, Ukrainians, and friends of Ukraine abroad to join the initiative to support Ukraine and demand an invitation to join NATO under the slogan “Make NATO Stronger—Invite Ukraine.” All campaign materials in Ukrainian and English can be found at the link.

UWC expects that during the Washington Summit, allies will demonstrate leadership and unity, and Ukraine will receive a clear membership perspective with specific timelines. Support Ukraine on its Euro-Atlantic path. 

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