Ukraine’s First Lady thanks Ukrainian diaspora in Denmark

April 18,2024 214
Ukraine’s First Lady thanks Ukrainian diaspora in Denmark

Roman Mykytenko, UWC Vice President for Northern Europe, joined a meeting with Ukraine’s First Lady at Ukrainian House, attended by Ambassador Andriy Yanevsky and members of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark.

“During my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting Andriy Kuzmin, CEO of Bevar Ukraine, Roman Mykytenko, and their colleagues. It’s always inspiring to see help being organized, especially when it comes from Ukrainians supporting their own. This not only provides assistance but also sets a global example of Ukrainian solidarity,” Mrs. Olena Zelenska wrote on Facebook. 

“Olena Zelenska thanked the Ukrainian community in Denmark for their humanitarian assistance, support of Ukrainian war refugees, and ongoing efforts to maintain Danish support for Ukraine,” said Roman Mykytenko.

Cover: Olena Zelenska on Facebook