Ukraine’s Foreign Minister calls for increased informational support for Ukraine

January 5,2024 453
Ukraine’s Foreign Minister calls for increased informational support for Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on Ukraine’s worldwide representations to intensify informational efforts to promote Ukrainian narratives globally. The heads of all embassies and consulates received corresponding directives.

“On Wednesday, January 3, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba held an online meeting with the heads of all Ukrainian diplomatic institutions abroad regarding the implementation of the Peace Formula by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the promotion of Ukrainian narratives worldwide,” the ministry’s statement reads.

Kuleba directed diplomats to intensify efforts in bolstering the positions of nations already engaged in carrying out President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula, as well as attracting new states and international organizations to this initiative. The minister stressed the importance of garnering significant media and political attention globally towards Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“In the past two years, we have achieved many successes in promoting Ukrainian narratives abroad, leading to significant diplomatic results. In January 2024, it is time to strengthen informational efforts further and ensure Ukraine’s issues in foreign media and politics are given the maximum priority. If the enemy and skeptics try to escalate their efforts, we will double our work. We must be as active in 2024 as we were on February 24. Active informational work will allow us to preserve and strengthen international support for Ukraine,” emphasized Dmytro Kuleba.

Participants in the meeting discussed, among other things, ideas for additional involvement of Ukrainian communities and non-governmental organizations in advocacy activities.

Minister Kuleba recently urged the world to take five steps in response to a series of mass Russian combined attacks on Ukraine. Diplomat emphasized that decisive measures are needed to defeat the aggressor country.

We expect all states to strongly condemn the attack and take resolute action. Here are the five steps that can be taken right now: Expedite the delivery of additional air defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine; provide Ukraine with combat drones of all types; provide Ukraine with long-range missiles of 300 km+ range; approve the use of frozen Russian assets for assisting Ukraine; isolate Russian diplomats in relevant capitals and international organizations,” said Kuleba.

No plan B is needed for Ukraine because “we are confident in plan A,” the minister emphasized in an interview with CNN.

We call on everyone to expedite the decisions that are pending, because the West has shown it is capable of defending democracy. What needs to be done is the effort must be expedited,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasized.

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