“Ukraine’s future is in NATO”: Washington, D.C. Summit decision details

July 11,2024 195
“Ukraine’s future is in NATO”: Washington, D.C. Summit decision details

NATO leaders unanimously supported the Alliance’s new rhetoric regarding Ukraine’s future membership in the military-political bloc, according to a decision at the summit in Washington, reported European Pravda.

The document’s key statement is that Ukraine’s full membership in NATO has no alternative. “As Ukraine continues this vital work, we will continue to support it on its irreversible path to full Euro-Atlantic integration, including NATO membership. … Ukraine’s future is in NATO,” the text states.

The summit declaration also introduces the term “a bridge to membership,” but the details of this term are currently unknown. “We welcome the concrete progress Ukraine has made since the Vilnius Summit on its required democratic, economic, and security reforms …, which NATO Foreign Ministers will continue to assess through the adapted Annual National Programme,” the document states.

NATO countries agreed that member states should provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with long-term security assistance. The Alliance has committed to a specific amount of aid to Ukraine for 2025. “We affirm our determination to support Ukraine in building a force capable of defeating Russian aggression today and deterring it in the future. To that end, we intend to provide a minimum baseline funding of €40 billion within the next year,” the decision states.

At the Washington summit, member countries also decided to create a structure to provide assistance and training for Ukraine (NSATU) to coordinate the provision of military equipment and training by member countries and Alliance partners. “NSATU, which will operate in Allied states, will support Ukraine’s self-defence in line with the UN Charter,” the declaration states.

Furthermore, in the final declaration of the Washington summit, NATO states recognized China as a key sponsor of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The Alliance called on China to cease all material and political support for the occupiers.

Cover: Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

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