Ukrainian and Polish communities appeal to US Congress

January 25,2024 2459
Ukrainian and Polish communities appeal to US Congress

The Ukraine Congress Committee of America (UCCA) and the Polish American Congress (PAC) call on the US Congress to allocate the necessary assistance to Ukraine, a decision on which American lawmakers have been unable to agree since December 2023.

Our respective communities call upon the Biden Administration and both parties in Congress to take proactive, measurable actions to deter the Kremlin from further genocidal actions against Ukraine and hybrid warfare against other countries in the Central and East European region. Russia’s egregious invasion of Ukraine not only violates human rights and the American-led, rules-based order but also directly threatens America’s national security interests,” reads the appeal, published by Andriy Futey, UWC Vice President and the UCCA President.

This war has reached a turning point, with Russia gaining support from the most corrupt and authoritarian countries in the world. Ukraine’s ability to defend itself is diminishing, as evidenced by systematic Russian mass attacks.

Securing the $61.4b National Security Supplemental Funding Package for Ukraine extends beyond Ukraine’s territorial boundaries. Poland understands the risks Russia poses and has been at the forefront in Europe. Poland is an indispensable ally in countering Russian aggression, allocating 3.9% of its GDP to defense spending – twice the NATO target of 2%,” the appeal reads.

The Polish-American community understands the seriousness of Russian aggression. Threats to Poland’s sovereignty, particularly Putin’s words referring to Poland as a ‘gift from Stalin,’ underscore the necessity for unity. The Polish and Ukrainian communities share an understanding of the need to resist Russia and support US efforts in aiding Ukraine.

As the leader of the Free World, in collaboration with our Polish, Ukrainian, and other European partners, the United States cannot leave its allies alone at this critical juncture. We must collectively support Ukraine and uphold the values of democracy and sovereignty in Europe. The PAC and the UCCA continue to advocate for a greater relationship between the United States and Central and East European countries,” the document concludes. 

On January 11, the UCCA urged American voters to call on the US Congress to allocate the necessary financial assistance to Ukraine.

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