Ukrainian doctors gear up to share expertise with Ukraine’s Armed Forces after training in Brazil

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November 22,2023 652
Ukrainian doctors gear up to share expertise with Ukraine’s Armed Forces after training in Brazil

Under the Unite with Ukraine initiative by the Ukrainian World Congress, the ongoing training of Ukrainian doctors in Brazil persists. These medical professionals are honing their expertise at the esteemed Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital in São Paulo. Ukrainian specialists are enhancing their skill sets significantly by focusing on safety protocols during the pre-hospital phase of patient evacuation, fundamental evacuation guidelines, and effective casualty management.

“The basis of this training was the ATLS Advanced Trauma Life Support course. This is exactly what doctors on the front line need; each of our instructors studying here will receive an international certificate recognized worldwide, valid for four years. Looking ahead, we just finished this training this week and each of our doctors received this certificate; all of our team passed, so Ukraine was enriched with six certified ATLS instructors. This is training that is directly needed on the front lines, and we are focused on helping our combat medical personnel and strengthen our medical ranks qualitatively and professionally,” says Dr. Olesya Vynnyk, M.D., Medical Initiatives Coordinator at the Ukrainian World Congress in an interview with Suspilne.

A distinct set of physicians is participating in the training. Olesya Vynnyk disclosed that the program encompassed an open contest and a notably competitive aspect, drawing 35 contenders vying for a single position. From the pool of applicants, six doctors emerged as the chosen participants.

“Studies started on November 6 and will continue until December 2. The training is very intensive; we learn both practical and managerial skills. Brazil’s health care system significantly differs from Ukraine’s, so we plan to implement the acquired knowledge in Ukraine after returning home. Doctors from our group are selected from different regions of Ukraine, so they can implement what they need directly at their workplace,” added Olesya Vynnyk.

Among the program participants are military doctors from the Territorial Defense and Ukraine’s eastern, southern, and western regions. The internship opportunity in the Brazilian clinic is another component of assistance in Ukraine’s fight against Russia, Olesya Vynnyk adds.

“Now, halfway through our training, I can already say that this training is quite effective. We have something to learn, we have the first thing to tell in Brazil as well, to tell them our truth about the war and to encourage them in the fight against the Russian occupier,” Olesya Vynnyk.