Ukrainian heritage showcased at international street art festival

June 6,2024 345
Ukrainian heritage showcased at international street art festival

Ukrainian street artist Viktoria Berezina participated in the RUA Street Art Festival held in Estonia. During the festival, she transformed a bus stop in one of the Estonian towns by adorning it with Petrykivka painting, showcasing the vibrant and intricate style of this traditional Ukrainian art form.

Now the Ukrainian traditional painting of Petrykivka will remain at the bus stop in Valguta (Elva, Tartumaa). It’s like a piece of home is now in Estonia. It’s incredibly important to me to show and respect my culture. There is a lot of symbolism here that is dear to my heart and the hearts of many Ukrainians,” wrote Berezina.

Petrykivka painting, an exquisite and vibrant form of Ukrainian folk art, has been recognized as a significant cultural heritage. Originating in the village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, this traditional art form is celebrated for its intricate designs and vivid imagery. In 2013, UNESCO acknowledged the importance of Petrykivka painting by adding it to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists

Vira Konyk, the Head of the Congress of Ukrainians of Estonia, also highlighted the artist’s work. “I am proud of the girl and Estonia, which provides such opportunities,” wrote Vira Konyk.

Viktoria Berezina also thanked volunteers from Germany, Estonia, Türkiye, and Italy who helped her create the street art. “I really love this technique! There is so much life, joy, happiness in it! I hope everyone who visits this bus stop will feel it and feel the summer vibe that will be there all year round. But here there is also my longing for my home. Country and people who continue to fight and bloom despite the evil that is trying to break and destroy…” added Berezina.

The RUA Street Art Festival has been held annually since 2018. According to the organizers, the festival’s mission is to “bring colors to small Estonian towns through professional street art.”

Photos: Andrea Margó Rotenberg

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