Ukrainian impresses with performance on America’s Got Talent

August 28,2023 1959
Ukrainian impresses with performance on America’s Got Talent

Ukrainian choreographer Oleksandr Leshchenko impressed the America’s Got Talent judges. The artist presented a skit about the war in Ukraine through the story of the Ukrainian folk tale “Kotyhoroshko.”

Together with the company Magic Innovations, Leshchenko created a show combining holographic reality and choreography. The preparation lasted three months.

“Combining such a deep topic with the format of an entertainment show is incredibly difficult. Therefore, we chose the story of the Ukrainian folk tale “Kotyhoroshko,” in which there is a confrontation between the main character and the Snake, who represents evil, the invader who came to our land. And the hero Kotygoroshko receives strength from his native land to defeat the enemy,” Leshchenko explained. 

The talent show’s judges reacted emotionally to the performance of the Ukrainian choreographer. Model Heidi Klum, one of the jury members, spoke in Ukrainian and said to Leshchenko: “Diakuyu!” [Thank you!]

This is Leshchenko’s second appearance on America’s Got Talent. Now, the choreographer is fighting for a place in the finals. During the selection tour, which aired in June, the artist demonstrated a special Hologram 4D cube show project. The show was a hit with viewers, and the video has garnered over 15 million views. Then, the Ukrainian received four “yes” and the opportunity to appear on the live broadcasts of America’s Got Talent.

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