Ukrainian intelligence sinks Russian ‘Sergei Kotov’ warship

March 5,2024 479
Ukrainian intelligence sinks Russian ‘Sergei Kotov’ warship

Ukrainian Magura V5 naval drones struck the Russian patrol warship Sergei Kotov in waters by occupied Crimea. As the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported, the vessel suffered damages to the stern, right, and left sides.

“On the night of March 4-5, 2024, Group 13, a special unit of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, attacked the Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov on the night of 4-5 March 2024. The strike on the Kotov occurred in the territorial waters of Ukraine, near the Kerch Strait,” clarified in the intelligence report.

According to Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation data, the “Sergei Kotov” was launched in 2021 in Kerch. The vessel’s purpose is to guard ships and vessels during sea transitions, as well as military-naval bases and water areas to prevent attacks from various enemy forces and means. The estimated cost of the sunken ship is approximately US$65 million.

As a result of the drone attack on the Russian ship, there are reported casualties and injuries, stated Andrii Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence. “However, there is a possibility that part of the crew could have been evacuated. At least, there is information about more than ten ambulances the enemy called in the nearest land area. This implies that an evacuation operation was still carried out,” Yusov said.

Earlier, the “Sergey Kotov,” along with the sunken cruiser Moskva, participated in the attack on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island. Anti-aircraft missile systems were also planned to be deployed on the ship.

Additionally, on the morning of March 5, a drone attacked an oil depot in Belgorod Oblast of Russia, causing three tanks to catch fire. A source from Ukrainian intelligence informed Ukrainska Pravda that this was a special operation by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The oil depot is reportedly used for military purposes.

On February 14, Ukraine destroyed the Russian landing ship “Tsezar Kunikov” in the Black Sea, according to Ukrainian military intelligence.

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