Ukrainian Lady Meeting held in Berlin

September 12,2022 449
Ukrainian Lady Meeting held in Berlin

The Central Union of Ukrainians in Germany held a Lady Meeting last Thursday for refugees who came to Germany from various parts of Ukraine, CUUG reported in a Facebook post.

Fifteen women from Ukraine, who had gone the difficult way of evacuation from their native country, were brought together to communicate with each other and representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora living in Germany for many years. Such communication, joint activities, and mutual assistance help the women easier adapt to their new environment and gain a foothold.

“Our meeting means nice networking, inspiring communication, tea-drinking, and extending the circle of acquaintances,” the post reads. “Such a format allows for reducing the stress level, dedicating good time to oneself, and finding kindred spirits.”

The Central Union of Ukrainians in Germany, established in January 2007, engages in integrating Ukrainians into German society and enhancing the positive image of Ukraine in Europe. CUUG, which has representative offices in 12 of Germany’s 16 federated states, sees its mission in uniting efforts of Ukrainian associations in Germany and providing them with a common contact point near the Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin.

Taking this opportunity, UWC is sending its warmest wishes to Head of the Central Union of Ukrainians in Germany Lyudmyla Mlosh who celebrates her birthday today. Many happy returns of the day!