Ukrainian heritage: four remarkable folk crafts captivating the world

October 2,2023 1000
Ukrainian heritage: four remarkable folk crafts captivating the world

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy is conducting the Ethnicity: Ukrainian Folk Art Crafts international promotion campaign. The initiative is implemented thanks to the Canadian government, and the Ukrainian World Congress is a project partner.

“Increasing awareness of Ukrainian traditions and important cultural heritage is an important tool in countering disinformation from Russia, which has been ascribing our heritage and history to itself for centuries, denying the existence of Ukraine as a separate state, and Ukrainians as a nation,” the ministry said.

Today, it is more important than ever that the world perceives Ukraine not only through the prism of the fierce struggle for its freedom and independence but also through the prism of its rich, authentic cultural heritage, the government officials added.

Within the framework of the project, leaflets and videos were developed in Ukrainian and English, which tell about the traditions of Kosiv painted ceramics, Ukrainian glass blowing, Reshetylivka white-on-white embroidery, and egg decorating.

“Anyone who wants to can join the promotional campaign – place the presented information products on their information sources, share them with their international partners and make Ukrainian cultural heritage known to the whole world,” the Ministry of Culture explained.