Ukrainian partisans gear up to boycott Putin’s ‘elections’

February 21,2024 419
Ukrainian partisans gear up to boycott Putin’s ‘elections’

Residents of the Russian-occupied Sevastopol are preparing to boycott the pseudo-presidential elections in Russia, as reported by the National Resistance Center (NRC). The Crimean resistance movement has spread patriotic symbolism in the city, including leaflets and stickers.

“Activists of the Zhovta Strichka (“Yellow Ribbon”) movement know that Putin is a war criminal and should be held accountable. That’s why they leave messages saying ‘Go to The Hague’ near the Salhyr River in Simferopol and spread patriotic stickers on the city’s outskirts,” the NRC reported.

In the occupied Donetsk, activists are also resisting the Russians. Participants of the Zhovta Strichka movement have spread patriotic graffiti on the city streets, including images of the Ukrainian flag.

“At night, activists of the Zhovta Strichka movement painted Ukrainian flags in Donetsk. Residents can see their national flags in various places in Donetsk Oblast because Donetsk is Ukraine! No fake elections or referendums have changed or will change anything,” emphasized the center.

At the same time, the Russians are still attempting to legitimize pseudo-elections in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Invaders conduct raids on local residences.

“The main reason for the raids carried out by occupiers in temporarily occupied territories ahead of the ‘elections’ is the conclusions drawn from the fake local voting conducted in September 2023. During that time, residents of the temporarily occupied territories actively sabotaged the pseudo-elections by not opening doors, ignoring visits to polling stations, and so on. Consequently, occupiers decided to conduct raids in advance to document houses and apartments where people reside,” says the NRC.

Currently, the so-called “members of the Russian election commissions” are conducting inspections, collecting information, and advocating for participation in the Russian presidential “elections.” “They engage in illegal audio or video recording of conversations. Under the guise of recording, they interrogate residents about whether they will ‘vote’ or know when the elections are. The NRC notes that every member of the so-called election commission will be held responsible for organizing these illegal ‘elections’.”

Photo: the Zhovta Strichka movement, August 2023