Ukrainian refugees uphold rather than burden Polish economy

November 9,2022 3333
Ukrainian refugees uphold rather than burden Polish economy

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrainians in Poland have paid PLN 10 billion ($2.4 billion) in taxes, three times more than the country spends on the refugees, Prof. Maciej Duszczyk from the Center for Migration Research at the University of Warsaw told

According to the researcher, Poland has no right to complain that helping Ukrainians costs much to the country. “We spent PLN 3.5 billion ($750 million) to help Ukrainians, but the calculations of the Polish Development Fund vice-president, Bartosz Marczuk, show that we received PLN 10 billion from the taxes they paid,” he said. In the case of Ukrainian refugees, Poland spends a lot, but receives even more, Duszczyk concluded.

The expert pointed out that private Polish funds contribute significantly to aid Ukrainians as do international organizations, such as UNICEF. Therefore, even though Poland additionally spends a lot on education and health care, the balance evens out.

“Let’s remember that the Polish labor market is very absorbing. Ukrainians work, and pay contributions and taxes. It’s not just to talk about the costs themselves,” Duszczyk said.

“Natalia from Ukraine opens a kindergarten in Wałbrzych.” (Dariusz Gdesz/Gazeta Wrocławska / POLSKAPRESSE via