Ukrainian schooling abroad: how the war affected Ukraine

February 16,2023 484
Ukrainian schooling abroad: how the war affected Ukraine

On February 17, at 16:00 Kyiv time, we invite you to join the webinar organized by the partner of the  Ukrainian World Congress – the International Institute of Education, Culture, and Diaspora Relations. The results of the “Ukrainian schooling abroad: how the war in Ukraine was affected”  survey (the survey of Ukrainian Saturday and Sunday school teachers) will be announced during the online presentation. 

The Institute analyzed trends from teachers in Ukrainian weekend schools in Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Latvia, Lebanon, Moldova, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, UAE, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Japan.

The social scientists looked to answer the question of how the Ukrainian school environment abroad changed after the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. In particular, the webinar will focus on

  • How do Ukrainian schools abroad function in the new conditions caused by the war?
  • How has the number of teachers and students changed after February 24, 2022? What are the changes?
  • What are the current needs and difficulties in schools?

To participate, please register at for the Zoom webinar. 

Language: Ukrainian

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