Ukrainian volunteers to develop a Trembita missile

May 2,2023 4098
Ukrainian volunteers to develop a Trembita missile

Volunteer design bureau PARS in conjunction with NGO Vidsich are developing a “people’s cruise missile” they have named Trembita – after the famous Ukrainian alpine horn, Militarny reported on Sunday.

The volunteers’ idea is to develop a cheap solution for both destroying targets and exhausting the enemy’s air defense capabilities at a range of about 140 kilometers.

“Our simple missile is incomparably cheaper than the shots of the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile systems,” the developers say.

Trembita will be propelled by a pulsejet engine. The designers expect that a salvo launch of 20 such missiles will allow them to break through the enemy’s air defense and hit targets at a sufficient depth. They also want to roll out the garage workshop production of individual parts and assemblies for the missile throughout Ukraine.

“No way the Russians will be able to destroy such an all-encompassing ‘People’s Defense Industry’ with their rusty S-300s or high-precision Calibers,” the designers say.

Trembita’s stated features:

  • Launch weight: 100 kg;
  • Warhead weight: 20 kg;
  • Range: 140+ km;
  • Speed: over 400 km/h;
  • Maximum flight height: 2,000 m;
  • Minimum flight height: 30 m;
  • Engine: 30 L.
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