Ukrainian World Congress: 55 years in the fight for Ukraine’s freedom

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November 14,2022 849
Ukrainian World Congress: 55 years in the fight for Ukraine’s freedom

On the 55th anniversary of the founding of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, which was renamed the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) in 1993, UWC President Paul Grod addressed the international Ukrainian community with the following statement:

Dear Ukrainians!

Dear global Ukrainian community!

Today, I have the honor of addressing you on occasion of this historical date for the international Ukrainian community: 55 years from the founding of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians.

It was on this day, 55 years ago, that our renowned predecessors gathered at the first world congress in New York, to declare to the whole world that we, Ukrainians were, are, and will be free people on this earth!

Regardless of the distances that separates us, regardless of where we may live, we are consolidated and unified by our traditions, language, faith, and by our national memory and love for Ukraine. From the time of our founding until 1991, the World Congress of Free Ukrainians served as a powerful international voice for Independent Ukraine, during the years that it was under Soviet-Russian rule.

Diaspora Ukrainians helped gain independence by supporting the national-democratic forces in their struggle inside Ukraine, and by advocating for the international community’s recognition of the independent Ukrainian state. It was through the efforts of the organized diaspora that independent Ukraine promptly gained recognition from Western countries in 1991; in 2014, the legitimacy of the transitional democratic government was ensured after the Revolution of Dignity.

Since the beginning of the Russian federation’s full-scale invasion, millions of Ukrainians in the diaspora have joined in Ukraine’s defense. Demonstrations are held regularly in hundreds of cities around the world. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians returned to the Motherland from abroad after February 24, and took up arms.

There are even more of us, Ukrainians across the globe, who work to support our defenders. It is the entire Ukrainian world that today equips the Ukrainian army, encourages their national politicians to be more active in supporting our country, and assists Ukrainian refugees.

In the first months following the start of the full-scale war, our Unite With Ukraine campaign raised more than $40 million to equip Territorial Defense fighters with everything they need. The total amount of assistance from Ukrainians worldwide has exceeded $500 million.

Stand together with UWC! United, we make Ukraine strong!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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