Ukrainian World Congress calls to commemorate Nebesna Sotnia Heroes Day on the first anniverary of the tragic events of EuroMaidan

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February 14,2015 125

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls upon the international community to commemorate on 20 February 2015 Nebesna Sotnia Heroes Day, honouring the memory and victory of the participants of the Revolution of Dignity on the first anniversary of the bloody killings on EuroMaidan in Kyiv on 18‑20 February 2014.

With the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, Nebesna Sotnia and other Heroes of the Revolution of Dignity defeated the lawless, corrupt and authoritarian regime of Viktor Yanukovych and ensured the right of the Ukrainian people to live in a truly independent, democratic and European state.

The heroism of the Ukrainian nation on numerous EuroMaidans throughout Ukraine stands as testimony to the national maturity, consolidation, dedication to the ideals of Ukrainian statehood and democracy, and great patriotism.

The same heroism is demonstrated today by Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers who are defending Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity against Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine.

In commemoration of the Nebesna Sotnia Heroes Day, the UWC calls upon the Ukrainian diaspora to:

  • organize community prayer services in Ukrainian Churches for the Nebesnia Sotnia Heroes, the fallen Heroes in Eastern Ukraine, for Ukraine and all of its people;

  • organize commemorative events with the participation of Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians alike, government representatives and the mass media;

  • disseminate information among the local population about the Revolution of Dignity and the tragic executions of participants of EuroMaidan on 18-20 February 2014;

  •  inform the international community that the Russian Federation waged terrorist and destructive acts in Eastern Ukraine because EuroMaidan put an end to Russian imperialist plans to pull Ukraine into the Eurasian union, recreating thereby the Soviet Union; and

  • inform about today’s tragic consequences of the Russian Federation’s aggressive actions in Ukraine and call upon the international community to provide Ukraine with broad assistance in the defence of its independence and territorial integrity.

“The Ukrainian World Congress calls upon the international community to remember the heroes of the Revolution of Dignity, and firmly believes that those responsible for the criminal acts against the EuroMaidan participants on 18-20 February 2014 must be punished,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.

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