Ukrainian World Congress Christmas Greetings

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December 20,2015 107

The Ukrainian World Congress extends sincere greetings to the Hierarchs and clergy of Ukrainian Churches, the President, Prime Minister, Chair of the Parliament and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, leaders of Ukrainian World Congress member organizations and Ukrainians throughout the world on the occasion of one of the greatest Christian Holy Days, Christmas!

This Holy Day marking the Birth of Christ and celebrating the arrival of the Son of God on earth, strengthens us spiritually, rejuvenates our souls in the spirit of love and forgiveness, renews our faith in the victory of good over evil and instills a sense of hope for a better future.

In celebrating this glorious event in our sacred history, we praise the Son of God born in a Bethlehem manger, greet one another with the words “Christ is born! – Let us praise Him!” and pray for those near and dear to our heart.

This year in our prayers we continue to remember Ukraine to help it overcome all the difficult challenges and to develop in freedom and dignity as an independent, territorially integral and sovereign European state. We pray in particular for Ukraine’s protectors, who defend Ukrainian borders from a foreign aggressor and stop it from moving West, and for those whose lives have been ravaged by war.

On the occasion of Christmas we wish you good health, peace, harmony and prosperity.

Christ is Born!  Let us praise Him!

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