Ukrainian World Congress Christmas greetings

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December 24,2017 123

As 2017 comes to a close, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) looks back upon a year in which it marked a significant milestone in its history and successfully broadened its reach to a wide spectrum of Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine alike with the message that in unity lies our strength.

Our commemorations which included events in 26 countries including Ukraine offered the opportunity to meet with members of our community from all walks of life and to learn more about their work and commitment to both building their communities and assisting the people of Ukraine in building their democratic, reformed European state.

We also met with the people of Ukraine, some of whom had lost their children or parents in the oft‑forgotten war being waged on the territory of Ukraine who shared with us their hopes, their dreams and their belief in a brighter Ukrainian future.

When we began commemorations of the UWC’s 50th anniversary in February of 2017 we set as our goal to raise the level of international awareness of both the UWC and the global Ukrainian diaspora, and the significance of their role in furthering the interests of Ukraine and its people. With the help of our network in 53 countries and our partners in Ukraine I believe that we have not only strengthened the foundation of the UWC, but expanded the ‘friends of Ukraine’ network that, together with the 20‑million strong Ukrainian diaspora will continue to ensure that Ukraine will develop and prosper in accordance with the aspirations of its people.

We are grateful to all of the generous donors who, throughout five decades and particularly in this anniversary year, have enabled the UWC to independently amplify the voice of the Ukrainian people in the international community and safeguard the human and national rights of all Ukrainians wherever they may live. With every year, the UWC has become stronger, more effectual and more influential. We kindly ask that you consider the UWC for your year-end giving in support of building a strong, bold, united and inspiring Ukrainian nation.

On the occasion of one of the greatest Christian Holy Days – Christmas, the UWC extends sincere greetings to the Heads of Ukrainian Churches and representatives of other Faiths, the President, Prime Minister, Chairperson of the Parliament, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Presidents of Ukrainian World Congress member organizations and Ukrainians around the world.

As the UWC embarks on its next fifty years, we re-affirm with inspiration our belief in the limitless potential of the Ukrainian people and look forward to further working with Ukrainians worldwide in overcoming the challenges and developing our spiritual homeland of Ukraine as an independent, territorially whole, democratic, fully reformed European state.

With the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ let us say a prayer for the Ukrainian people, the defenders of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and the political prisoners who remain unlawfully detained far from family and friends. May the newborn Christ bestow upon Ukraine and its people His blessings for a peaceful, joyous, successful and prosperous future.


Christ is Born!           Let us praise Him!