Ukrainian World Congress commends European Parliament Resolution on Situation in Ukraine

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February 7,2014 136

7 February 2014





Ukrainian World Congress commends European Parliament Resolution on Situation in Ukraine


On 7 February 2014, Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij issued a letter to high‑ranking European officials commending the adoption of the European Parliament resolution of 6 February 2014 on the situation in Ukraine that responds to the numerous calls of Ukrainians both in Ukraine and the diaspora, including the Ukrainian World Congress.


The resolution calls for the continued engagement of the European Union to mediate and facilitate a process leading to a solution to the crisis, including the establishment of a permanent European Parliament mission in Ukraine.


The resolution also endorses the preparation of an offer of a financial support package to a credible new interim government in Ukraine to alleviate the present tight situation in respect of payments and to help launch the necessary deep and comprehensive reforms of the Ukrainian economy.


Demonstrating an understanding of the current realities in Ukraine, including the shameful deployment of Berkut riot police and other security forces in provoking, kidnapping, harassing, torturing, beating and humiliating supporters of the EuroMaidans, as well as arbitrary arrests and over-extended pre-trial detentions, the resolution calls for the preparation of personalised targeted measures (travel sanctions and asset and property freezes) against all those individuals who are responsible for the crackdowns on and deaths of protestors.


The resolution also calls on Russia to stop retaliatory measures and undue pressure aimed at undermining the sovereign right of its neighbours to freely determine their future and reminds the Russian authorities that applying political, economic and other coercion is in breach of the Helsinki Final Act and the 1994 Budapest Memorandum concerning Ukraine’s security.


 “At this critical moment in the history of Ukraine the Ukrainian World Congress commends the European Parliament’s leadership and principled support of the people of Ukraine as they stand firm on EuroMaidans throughout the country in defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.


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