Ukrainian World Congress congratulates newly elected ECU Board

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May 30,2023 838
Ukrainian World Congress congratulates newly elected ECU Board

BERLIN — 29 May 2023. The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), led by UWC President Paul Grod, extends sincere congratulations to the newly elected leadership of the European Congress of Ukrainians (ECU) and personally to Bohdan Rajčinec on his re-election as ECU President. 

The newly elected ECU Board includes: Bohdan Rajčinec (Czech Republic) – Chairman, Miroslav Hočak (Serbia) — Deputy Chairman, Viktor Bandurčin (Slovakia) —  Secretary, and honorary members: Jaroszlava Hartyányi (Hungary), Nicolae-Miroslav Petrețchi (Romania),  Ihor Chocholak (Belgium) and Petro Rewko (UK).

We sincerely congratulate our friends and colleagues and wish them inspiration in supporting the Ukrainian people and promoting Ukraine’s interests at the international level. Together to Victory!

During the XIV Congress, a working group was established to strengthen the representation of the UWC and the UWC in Europe to enhance cooperation. The group includes the President of the European Congress of Ukrainians Bohdan Rajčinec; UWC President Paul Grod; Chair of the UWC Mission Brussels Ihor Chocholak, UWC International Policy Council Member and ECU diplomacy adviser Zenon Kowal. 

UWC President Paul Grod thanked the leaders of European communities for their tireless work in assisting refugees, advocacy, and community work and highlighted the achievements of UWC global initiatives UniteWithUkraine and Energize Ukraine. In the final part of his address, UWC President Paul Grod announced the XII Ukrainian World Congress to be held in Ukraine on 19-22 October 2023 and invited European leaders to participate in the work of the Congress.

During the working sessions, the UWC also discussed strengthening the network of organizations in Europe and international coordination to counter Russian influence. An action plan was developed for the working groups of the ECU (diplomatic, public, humanitarian, and informational) and the organization’s regional platforms.

On May 27-28, the ECU held a Congress attended by over 50 representatives of Ukrainian communities and guests of the organization from 20 European countries. Leaders of Ukrainian communities and organizations met at the XIV Congress to summarize their achievements, elect a new UWC Board and develop a roadmap for Ukrainians in Europe.

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