Ukrainian World Congress Easter Greetings

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April 16,2014 107

  17 April 2014


Ukrainian World Congress Easter Greetings


The Ukrainian World Congress sincerely greets the Hierarchs and clergy of Ukrainian Churches, the Acting President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the presidents of Ukrainian World Congress member organizations and Ukrainians worldwide with the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection!


Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is the celebration of all celebrations for the entire Christian world. On this Holy Day we praise the Son of God who was crucified and rose from the dead to rid humankind of the powers of death and sin.


Easter celebrations this year are dampened by the troubling events in our spiritual homeland Ukraine where our attention is focused. Only recently our Ukrainian nation won, with unbelievable fortitude, a victory over internal destructive forces for which numerous Ukrainian Heroes sacrificed their lives. And now our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are fighting an external evil empire, guarding the country’s territorial integrity and independence.


On this day of Christ’s Resurrection, the Ukrainian World Congress calls upon Ukrainians around the world to say an Easter prayer to the resurrected Christ, and ask Him to protect Ukraine and grant the Ukrainian people peace and prosperity.


May the joy of Christ’s Resurrection safeguard and unite our great Ukrainian family and remain the source of light, courage and faith in the victory of goodness over evil!


Christ is Risen!    Truly He is Risen!

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