Ukrainian World Congress Hosted First Virtual Forum “United by Ukraine”

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October 23,2020 149
Ukrainian World Congress Hosted First Virtual Forum “United by Ukraine”

Ukrainian World Congress’ (UWC) First Virtual Forum “United by Ukraine” took place on October 17, 2020. This unique event has been broadcast live on public television channels UA: КУЛЬТУРА and UA: ПЕРШИЙ, as well as via online platforms.

The global discussion focused on what unites Ukrainians all over the world. What do Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga, “Vikings”’ star Catherine Vinnik and the legendary Kvitka “Kasey” Cisyk have in common? How did the Ukrainian People’s House in Przemyśl has become a center of cultural diplomacy?

Prominent diaspora Ukrainians – speakers at the Forum – tried to explore these questions and more. Borys Gudziak, Archbishop-Metropolitan of Philadelphia for Ukrainian Catholics in the United States. Head, Department of External Church Relations Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. President, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv.

“The Ukrainian community outside Ukraine is best preserved where Ukrainian churches exist for almost a century and a half,” outlined the role of Ukrainian church Borys Gudziak. “Prayer brings us together, joy brings us together. Calls for patriotism are often somewhat moralizing, mentoring. Still, patriotism is a high virtue and should be nurtured. However, we must also realize that being Ukrainian is great and joyful. We have a sense of humour, songs, dances, refined aesthetic taste. This is exactly the perception of a healthy, smiling, united Ukrainians I have had since childhood. In other words, to be a good and happy Ukrainian, you have to be a good and happy person.”

Oksana Lyniv, First female conductor of the Bayreuth Festival (Germany), Founder and art director of the LvivMozArt Festival, 2017-2020 – Chief Conductor of Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra of Graz (Austria).

I consider it a certain kind of mission to convey messages regarding Ukrainian culture far across the world through my professional activity. In my world tours programs featuring different musical groups, there are a huge number of pieces by Ukrainian composers, which are heard for the first time in Western Europe,” explained her global mission Oksana Lyniv.

Natalie Jaresko, Executive Director of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, 2014-2016 Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

My private and public sector career is based on my experience of working in Ukraine. I brought this knowledge and skills with me to Puerto Rico. My experience in Ukraine in 2014-2016 proved to be very relevant here as well. I feel proud knowing that Ukrainian reforms are considered a leading example for the others,” shared her experience Natalie Jaresko.

Forum co-hosts, Victoria Hrynchyshyn, co-founder of Centre Anne de Kyiv in France and UWC President Paul Grod, as well as prominent diaspora leaders featured in video stories spoke about cultural diplomacy, Ukrainian schools, support for Ukraine, youth organizations. Together with the viewers, they explored what unites Ukrainians: our culture, language, faith, history and fighting against the aggressor. Video stories at the Forum featured globally renowned Ukrainian diaspora leaders: Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montreal – former UWC President Eugene Czolij, First UWC Vice President Stefan Romaniw, Chair of the International Coordination Education Council Oksana Levytska, Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Alexandra Chyczij, Regional UWC Vice-President Natalia Poshyvaylo-Towler, UWC Vice-President Lenna Koszarny and many other diaspora community activists.

“It was a significant project for “Susplilna Sudia”.  It was through collaboration with the Ukrainian World Congress that we created such important, heartfelt, and meaningful live broadcast. We showed true inspiring stories, discussed ways how to strengthen the image of our country, and to raise the issue of preserving our culture and identity. We hope to continue our fruitful cooperation with the diaspora and implement more significant projects”, commented the executive producer of “Suspilna Studia” on UA: Перший TV channel Natalia Zagumenna.

“United by Ukraine forum in the new virtual format provided an opportunity to showcase to the world the great work of the global Ukrainian community, what unites us worldwide, how we support Ukraine”, stated Paul Grod, UWC President. “We are pleased to announce that the next global forum of the Ukrainian World Congress will take place in Kyiv Ukraine from August 25-26 2021 alongside the celebration of Ukraine’s 30th anniversary of independence.”

Project’s partners are Суспільне мовлення, KyivPost,, ForumTV, KONTAKT Ukrainian Television Network and International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations.

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