Ukrainian World Congress International Election Observation Mission releases Preliminary Observations confirming democratic Parliamentary Elections

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October 28,2014 160

On 27 October 2014 the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Election Observation Mission to the 26 October 2014 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine (UWC Mission) released its Preliminary Observations during two press conferences held at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre and UNIAN Information Agency in Kyiv confirming that the elections had met international standards for the conduct of democratic elections.

In monitoring the election process and the vote tabulation, UWC short-term observers reported isolated infractions and organizational shortcomings. The election results, however, were not impacted. Most voters were able to express their will on election day, despite the very complicated situations in the oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk caused by overt Russian military aggression, and in Crimea that is illegally occupied by the Russian Federation. Official government statistics and the statistics of independent non‑governmental organizations confirm a total voter turnout surpassing 51 %.  


In total, the UWC Mission, which numbered 227 registered observers from 25 countries,  was present in 27 electoral precincts, including 3 electoral precincts in the Donetsk region.  As a result, the UWC Mission observers monitored the vote in over 1,200 polling stations in hundreds of cities and surrounding villages throughout Ukraine, including Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Mykolayivka and Krasniy Lyman in the Donetsk region.

The UWC Mission will publish a comprehensive final report, offering recommendations for potential improvements after completion of the process. 

Watch videos:

UWC Press Conference at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, 27 October 2014
UWC Press Conference at UNIAN Information Agency, 27 October 2014



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