Ukrainian World Congress is calling for volunteers to join observation mission as short term observers during Ukraine’s Parliamentary election on 21 July 2019

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June 20,2019 93

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is calling for volunteers to participate in the work of the UWC International Observation Mission to Ukraine’s 2019 Elections (UWC Mission) during Ukraine’s Parliamentary election on 21 July 2019.

The UWC Mission will monitor the Early Parliamentary Election in Ukraine and provide assessments on the compliance to Ukraine’s domestic law and its commitments to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe, as well as other international standards for democratic elections.

The UWC’s Past-President Eugene Czolij is the Head of the UWC Mission.

The UWC welcomes applications for short-term observation from volunteers (excluding citizens of Ukraine or the Russian Federation) who during theParliamentary election scheduled for 21 July 2019:

  • can travel to Ukraine to observe the electoral process;
  • temporarily or permanently reside in Ukraine and are willing to observe the electoral process or
  • can observe the electoral process in one of Ukraine’s diplomatic missions abroad.

The application package of documents, including the application form required for registration as a UWC short-term observer with Ukraine’s Central Election Commission, is available on the UWC website.

In order to become a UWC short-term observer during the Parliamentary election in Ukraine, please complete  this application package of documents and send it no later than 10 July 2019 to [email protected] .

Volunteers who were registered as UWC short-term observers during Ukraine’s Presidential election in 2019 need to register once again with the Central Election Commission for the Parliamentary election in Ukraine.

Please direct any questions regarding the UWC Mission to Volodymyr Kistianyk, Coordinator of the UWC Mission, at +380977525177 (Ukraine, WhatsApp, Viber); or by e-mail to: [email protected].

“I appeal to as many volunteers as possible to join the UWC Mission and contribute to strengthening in a very meaningful way Ukraine’s democracy,” said Head of UWC Mission Eugene Czolij.


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