Ukrainian World Congress launches new lifesaving initiative Project: Patriot Defence needs your support

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July 20,2014 101

20 July 2014


Ukrainian World Congress launches new lifesaving initiative 
Project: Patriot Defence needs your support

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), under the leadership of its Kyiv-based Director of Humanitarian Initiatives Dr. Ulana Suprun, has launched Project: Patriot Defence to provide medical training and equipment to the military with the goal of saving lives in combat.


The United States Army continues to do research regarding soldier mortality rates in the field of combat and how to reduce them. It has concluded that roughly 60% of preventable deaths on the combat field result from catastrophic blood loss, 30% from tension pneumothorax and 10% from blocked airways. They have also concluded that, with the right training and equipment, Combat Lifesaver courses (CLS) and Improved First Aid Kits (IFAKs), many of these lives can be saved. 


Project: Patriot Defence is working with professional NATO certified instructors and now certified Ukrainian instructors to train Ukrainian soldiers in combat first aid and military medics in pre-hospital care. The program is also providing IFAKs to each soldier trained and combat paramedic backpacks to each combat medic trained.


The goal of the project is to deliver 10,000 IFAKs to Ukrainian soldiers.


“We are providing professional, specialized medical training and equipment for the Ukrainian military, as one component of an overall program to modernize the Ukrainian armed forces,” commented UWC Director of Humanitarian Initiatives Dr. Ulana Suprun. “Project: Patriot Defence meets an immediate need to help save the lives of the men and women bravely risking their lives for the right of every Ukrainian citizen to live with dignity in freedom. We urgently need your support.”


More information on Project: Patriot Defence and how to donate is available at

More information on UWC Humanitarian Initiatives is available on the UWC web site.


Contact in Ukraine:

Ukrainian World Congress, Kyiv Office

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Tel: +38 (044 495 85 45)