Ukrainian World Congress motto and commemoration of historical dates in 2016  

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December 30,2015 118

The Ukrainian World Congress calls upon the global Ukrainian community to further its activities in 2016 under the motto:

“Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to Heroes!”

The Ukrainian World Congress also calls for the commemoration in 2016 of the following significant dates in the history of the Ukrainian nation:

  • 25th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine;
  • 1000th anniversary of the first legal code, Ruska Pravda, by Yaroslav the Wise;
  • 150th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Mykhailo Hrushevsky;
  • 100th anniversary of the death of Ivan Franko;
  • 75th anniversary of the Act proclaiming the restoration of the Ukrainian State on 30 June 1941;
  • 75th anniversary of the tragedy in Babyn Yar;
  • 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear catastrophe; and
  • 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine. 
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