Ukrainian World Congress motto and commemoration of historical dates in 2017

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January 24,2017 121

The Ukrainian World Congress calls upon the global Ukrainian community to further its activities in 2017 under the motto:

Ukrainians together – the future is ours!

The Ukrainian World Congress also calls for the commemoration in 2017 of the following significant dates in the history of the Ukrainian nation:

–          50th anniversary of the Ukrainian World Congress

–          100thanniversary of the establishment of the Ukrainian Central Council;

–          75thanniversary of the formation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army;

–          70thanniversary of Akcija “Wisla”;

–          175thanniversary of the birth of renowned Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko;

–          125thanniversary of the birth of His Beatitude Patriarch Josyf Slipyj;

–          125thanniversary of the prohibition of Russian literary works translation into Ukrainian by Tsar Aleksandr III; and

–          75thanniversary of the execution in Babyn Yar of renowned Ukrainian poetess Olena Teliha. 

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