Ukrainian World Congress pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

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December 14,2013 263

14 December 2013

Ukrainian World Congress pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

As the people of South Africa prepare to bid a final farewell to their leader, advocate and friend, Nelson Mandela, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) pays tribute to this human rights activist who transformed a nation with his humility, kindness and faith in humanity.

Nelson Mandela believed in the right of every human being to live in freedom and dignity. His belief in the possibility of change and the potential of the human spirit helped to rid South Africa of apartheid and restore the fundamental principles of democracy – respect for human rights, freedom, justice and the rule of law.

During his eulogy at the memorial for Nelson Mandela held earlier this week in Johannesburg, South Africa, United States President Barack Obama stated, “Mandela showed us the power of action, of taking risk on behalf of our ideals.”

Today, as the Ukrainian people face a crisis in their homeland, they stand united in defense of democratic principles, ideals and values. They, too, will find the strength to peacefully affect change for the betterment of the world today and the generations to follow.

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