Ukrainian World Congress remembers the Heroes of Kruty

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January 29,2020 146

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) together with the multi-million strong Ukrainian diaspora honours the memory of the Heroes of Kruty who died on January 29, 1918, while voluntarily defending the young Ukrainian state in an uneven battle with the Red Army. 

Despite the fact that the Battle of Kruty ended in defeat, it had a significant impact on Ukrainian diplomacy. By holding off the Bolshevik offensive on Kyiv for four days, the battle of Kruty enabled the government of the Ukrainian People’s Republic to achieve the recognition of independent Ukraine by the international community. 

The triumph of the Ukrainian cadets and students is one of the most legendary in Ukrainian history and an example of a heroic feat in the name of Ukraine and its independence. The Heroes of Kruty continue to inspire the Ukrainian nation to victory in the unprovoked war of the Russian Federation which illegally occupied Crimea and for over five years has continued its brutal military actions in eastern Ukraine. 

“Today we visited Askold’s Grave to bow our heads in tribute to the Heroes of Kruty. They have become the symbols of patriotism and sacrifice in the fight for an independent Ukraine,” stated UWC Vice President Stefan Romaniw. “On this day we also honour the memory of our contemporary Nebesna Sotnia Heroes and all defenders of Ukraine who have sacrificed their lives in today’s hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Their triumph will always remain in our memory and in our hearts!” 


Photo: S. Romaniw and S. Kasyanchuk at the monument to the Heroes of Kruty, Kyiv

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