Ukrainian World Congress statement on Ukrainian Unity Day

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January 22,2015 151


On 22 January 2015 Ukrainians worldwide mark an important date in the history of their nation – Ukrainian Unity Day.


On 22 January 1919 on Kyiv’s St. Sophia square the Unification Act joining the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic was proclaimed confirming notably that:


“From today, two parts of a single Ukraine separated from one another for centuries are being merged into one – Halychyna, Bukovyna, Zakarpattia and Naddniprianschyna. Eternal dreams have been realized for which the best sons of Ukraine have lived and died. From today, there is only one independent Ukrainian People’s Republic. From today, the Ukrainian people, liberated by a strong impulse of personal strength, have the capability to unite all efforts of their sons for the creation of an indivisible, independent Ukrainian state for the good and prosperity of the Ukrainian people.” 


The Unification Act of 22 January 1919 was a decisive step toward the real unification of Ukrainian lands into one single state and the foundation for the restoration of Ukrainian statehood in 1991.


Since the end of 2013 the meaning of Unity has taken on more significance for the Ukrainian people who, regardless of place of residence, rose together against the criminal regime of Viktor Yanukovych, and then against the aggression of the Russian Federation that, brazenly violating international law, illegally annexed Crimea from Ukraine and is attempting to seize Eastern Ukraine, namely by sponsoring the terrorism of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics.


On Ukrainian Unity Day the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) pays tribute to all fighters for an independent unified Ukraine and the contemporary heroes-patriots who are bravely defending the country’s borders in Eastern Ukraine.


“The Ukrainian World Congress calls on the international community to continue coordinated efforts to assist the Ukrainian people stop the aggression of the Russian Federation and defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij. 

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