UWC statement on Ukrainian Unity Day

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January 21,2021 187
UWC statement on Ukrainian Unity Day

The Ukrainian people first declared independence over 100 years ago today.  Often referred to as Unity Day, January 22nd is one of the most important dates in the history of Ukraine’s state-building. Every year on this day, the Ukrainian World Congress holds a global action called “United Ukraine”.

The Unification of Ukraine’s territory and the Acts proclaimed in January 1918 and 1919 were the culmination of a centuries-old struggle for the unity, self-determination, and freedom of our people. These events laid the groundwork for the restoration of Ukraine’s independence in 1991 and for the current unity of the Ukrainian people in countering Russian aggression.

Throughout the centuries, our nation’s path to independence and statehood has been long and arduous. We must never forget the price our nation paid and continues to pay for the inalienable right to live in freedom.

Today, Ukraine’s brave sons and daughters are once again forced to defend our nation’s freedom and independence. Their courage and valour inspire each and every one of us to act and to put an end to Russia’s ongoing military conflict in Eastern Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea. As the Kremlin wages a bloody war against Ukraine, the global Ukrainian community, led by the Ukrainian World Congress, together with our international allies and friends, will stand united to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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