Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) congratulates the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) on their 80th Anniversary

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November 7,2020 169
Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) congratulates the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) on their 80th Anniversary

November 7-8, 2020, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress celebrated their 80th anniversary. It was on these days in 1940 that the founding meeting of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee took place, which for its first decade, united Ukrainian organizations across Canada, and later, in 1967, became one of the founding organizations of the Ukrainian World Congress.

The contribution made by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to the support, protection and development of Ukraine is unique. In Soviet times, the UCC lobbied for the interests of Ukrainians, supported Ukrainian refugees and dissidents, and spread the truth about Ukraine’s history and the Holodomor. For decades, the Ukrainian language, culture, and traditions have been preserved and developed in Canada through the ongoing work of the UCC. Ukrainian kindergartens and schools, clubs, cultural and youth organizations, and nursing homes are interconnected by a strong network of mutual support via the UCC. Perhaps most illustrative of the UCC’s influence and capability is Canada’s continued support for Ukraine in the most difficult times, including the Russian-Ukrainian war and the occupation of Crimea.

With an extensive 80-year history, today the UCC represents a prominent community of more than 1.4 million Ukrainian Canadians. It is one of the most prominent, influential members of the UWC, which for eight decades has tended to the interests of the Ukrainian Canadian community, represented the community with dignity before the Government of Canada, and defended Ukraine and the entire Ukrainian people.

UWC President Pavlo Grod paid tribute to the leadership of the UCC, including Alexandra Chyczij, its current President, and thanked them sincerely for their fruitful cooperation with the UWC.

“As past president and an active member of the Ukrainian Canadian community, I would like to express immense gratitude and recognition to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, its constituent members and leaders for your selfless and tireless work. You have much to be proud of: from building a powerful and united community to being an important voice in support of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. As a founder and a prominent member of the Ukrainian World Congress, UCC is seen an example by our global community for over 8 decades. Многая літа to UCC!”