Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada to celebrate 75th anniversary

April 28,2023 573
Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada to celebrate 75th anniversary

The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) of Canada will gather to celebrate its 75th anniversary and hold its Annual Meeting on April 28-30, 2023. Canadian CYM members will come together to celebrate accomplishments and discuss the roadmap for the future.

 “As a member of the Canadian community, I am pleased to note that over seven and a half decades, the CYM has become one of the most powerful Ukrainian youth organizations educating Ukrainian youth on high spiritual and national principles under the motto “God and Ukraine,” stated UWC President Paul Grod. – “Your patriotism, dedication to the Ukrainian idea, comprehensive knowledge, creativity, and active life position are the key to continued success in various areas, and today – in bringing Ukraine’s victory closer and supporting it in this extremely difficult and responsible time in history.”

The UWC President emphasized that, like their predecessors, Ukrainian youth are confronting “the same enemy – the brazen Moscow regime that is a threat to both Ukraine and the entire civilization.” He called upon all Ukrainian Canadians to actively defend our Ukrainian World and share the truth about Ukraine with their Canadian friends.