Ukrainians Gave a Special Musical Tribute in the Centre of Luxembourg

July 12,2022 330
Ukrainians Gave a Special Musical Tribute in the Centre of Luxembourg

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Luxembourg, 11 July 2022

People of all ages walked through the streets of the city with toys and Ukrainian flags

On Saturday, July 9, a memorable performance “Children who will never ever…” devoted to children killed during the war in Ukraine was held in Luxembourg. Parents with their children walked from Hamilius to the Place de Clairefontaine to remind the world that the terror against the cities, people, adults, and children, still continues and the war is not over. The event was organized with the support of the LUkraine asbl, a non-profit organization representing the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg.

The performance was divided into two parts. First, women and girls in lush dresses and men and boys in bow ties walked from Hamilius to the Place de Clairefontaine carrying toys. They rang the school bells with yellow and blue ribbons, drawing attention to native traditions as in Ukraine, it’s a symbol of starting and finishing the school year when the youngest kids happily ring the bells. During the second part of the tribute, people put toys to the sound of a ticking clock in several places in the square in honor of the youngest victims of the war.

Organizers explain that the concept of the event is tightly connected with the end of the school year in Luxembourg and other European countries. “In Ukraine, thousands of children don’t have any celebrations. They hear sirens instead of music and can’t plan their future because it can be stolen at any time. No ’last bell’ festivities, no beautiful costumes, no expectations, and just uncertainty at all. Wearing bright dresses and ringing bells we want to attract attention to the lost rights of our children to celebrate such important moments of their life,” Alexandra Tsyliya, the idea inspirer and coordinator of the event said.

As of July 11, more than 995 children are affected in Ukraine due to the war. 347 children were killed, and more than 648 were wounded. 2 116 educational institutions were damaged, among them, 216 were completely destroyed.

“It’s insufferably painful that hundreds of children will never go to school again. They won’t become famous doctors, engineers, or successful managers because of being killed. And still dying every single day. It’s our obligation to protect the lives of Ukrainian people and especially kids because kids are the future of our nation. And LUkraine does as much as it can so I appeal to everyone to continue your support. Let’s join our efforts,” Nicholas Zharov, President of the Association said.

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