Ukrainians greeted Putin in Geneva with #StopRussianAggression protest

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June 17,2021 152
Ukrainians greeted Putin in Geneva with #StopRussianAggression protest

On June 16, the Presidents of the United States and Russia were met in Geneva by a rally calling for an end to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Ukrainian activists from all over Switzerland called for #StopRussianAggression and “Crimea is Ukraine”.

On the eve of the summit in Geneva, UWC member organizations have been disseminating information worldwide about Russia’s war against Ukraine.  Since 2014, Russia has been responsible for the killing of 14,000 people, a quarter of whom were civilians, the downing of civilian airliner MH17 killing almost 300 innocent civilians, and a seven year war that has ravaged Ukraine, leaving more than 30,000 wounded and over 1.5 million internally displaced.

UWC calls upon US President Biden to take decisive action to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and end Russia’s war against Ukraine and its neighbours. This includes the deoccupation of Crimea and the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts occupied by the Russian Federation, as well as the withdrawal of Russian troops, mercenaries, and weapons from sovereign Ukrainian territory and from Ukrainian borders.

UWC welcomes the statement by President Biden on June 16 reaffirming the ‘United States’ unwavering commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

“Today the world needs President Biden to stand up to Putin with conventional deterrence and real consequences for his occupation and ongoing wars in the region. Furthermore, projects such as NordStream 2, intended to destabilize Europe and control Ukraine, must be stopped. Russia’s imperial intentions regarding Ukraine are clear and the international community must not trust the president of this aggressor state,” commented UWC President Paul Grod following the summit in Geneva.

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