Ukrainians in Chicago protest Mondelēz: “Working in Russia is immoral”

May 17,2024 1012
Ukrainians in Chicago protest Mondelēz: “Working in Russia is immoral”

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), Illinois Division, is leading a campaign against the American company Mondelēz for its continued presence in the Russian market. As revealed by Dr. Mariya Dmytriv-Kapeniak, M.D., President of the UCCA Illinois Division, during an interview with the UWC, a rally is planned for May 18.

“We started this campaign back in September 2023 with official letters from the Ukrainian community to the company’s president and to the company itself. Initially, these letters received standard responses. We requested a meeting, which did not happen. Subsequently, our letters were ignored. We then began working with senators and members of Congress, asking for their help in organizing a meeting with Mondelez and trying to convince the company that its presence in Russia is immoral. That also did not happen,” Dmytriv-Kapeniak said.

The UCCA Illinois branch has systematically organized protests against Mondelēz at official company events, such as during Halloween – when the demand for the company’s products grows. The branch urges people not to buy the company’s candies.

The rally on May 18 will take place shortly before the company’s shareholders’ meeting scheduled for May 22. “Pressure on the company is growing, and from what we hear from our consultants in Washington, this is partly due to our actions. Several media outlets have already reported that the issue of exiting the Russian market will be raised at this shareholders’ meeting,” Dmytriv-Kapeniak added.

The Ukrainian community emphasizes that working in Russia is immoral. “It is immoral to remain in Russia, paying huge taxes. Because these taxes are then transformed into bombs that fly to our children, our people, Ukraine, and our cities,” emphasized Dmytriv-Kapeniak.

Since the full-scale invasion began, Mondelēz has faced significant corporate boycotts in Northern European countries due to its presence in Russia. Meanwhile, Dirk Van de Put, the company’s CEO, has stated that shareholders are “morally indifferent” to whether the company exits Russia.

In its last year’s report, the snack manufacturer noted that its business in Russia is “more profitable than ever before.” Food products are not subject to international sanctions, allowing Mondelēz to continue operating in the aggressor country.

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