Ukrainians in Croatia celebrate 100 years of active public life

October 3,2022 568
Ukrainians in Croatia celebrate 100 years of active public life

ZAGREB, – On October 1 and 2, Ukrainians in Croatia celebrated the 100th anniversary of their organized public activities – the foundation of the Ukrainian Society “Prosvita” in 1922. Today, the Society acts under the name Cultural and Educational Society “Kobzar” Zagreb.

“I thank the leaders and each of you for your allegiance to Ukraine and our people – in the advancing, strengthening and protecting independent Ukraine, as well as for preserving our national identity on the territory of Croatia and instilling in the young generation love for our spiritual Motherland,” Paul Grod said in his letter of congratulations to the Ukrainians of Croatia.

On October 1, 2022, a wreath and flowers were laid at the monument to the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in Zagreb.

Prof. Violetta Dutchak and Prof. Hanna Karas from Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine, Ruslan Yegorov, cultural attaché of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Croatia, Slavko Burda, “Kobzar” Zagreb president, and Đuro Vidmarović, former Croatian ambassador to Ukraine and president of the Croatian-Ukrainian Society.

A ceremonial event, including a gala concert, was also held in the capital of Croatia.

A landmark event was also the publication of the fifth book “Ukrainians of Croatia: materials and documents,” which was a continuation of the diligent work of the series’ compiler, the well-known public leader and head of the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Society “Kobzar,” Slavko Burda, that reveals the history of the Ukrainian Croatian community.

On the occasion of the holiday, UWC prepared and posted on social media information about outstanding people whose fate is inextricably linked with Ukraine and Croatia.

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